Feedback from the learners


"The training course has broadened my knowledge of managing a national technical committee".


"It is a good course that shows tools, information and details that help to understand the ISO process and tools".


"It is a nice eLearning course, and I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues. However, one must bear in mind that the secretariat work of a technical committee is not black/white and cannot always be developed in the same way and pace".


"This training course was extremely helpful in planning and monitoring projects. It is indispensable for the new committee managers and good refresher for experienced ones".


"Very helpful, informative course to learn and bear in mind".


"These training courses are valuable and user friendly! Great work!".


"For me the course was a confirmation that I am on the right track. This also helps me to be more self-confident towards all participants".

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"Excellent course, explained clearly and tested in equal measure in a very accessible way, so the course was interesting and useful".  


"Good course and challenging material, particularly understanding the timing rules".

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